Jan 7, 2010

Going nutso

Some things that are driving me REALLY crazy, probably because we've been quarantined to the house even though we are not sick (I am a winter wuss):

4 of my toes are sort of painted--there's remnants of nail polish and Shawn just kindof looks away awkwardly. Like I'm supposed to flaunt made-up, callous-free feet and do full-time stay at home mom stuff? *need pedicure*

I keep finding alphabet magnets all. over. the. house. ABCD, sing along with me- my arse.

Still haven't finished reading Julie & Julia and it's been a couple weeks. It's got some funny parts, but the cooking stuff has my eyes glazed over, my stomach nauseous. Beef bone marrow? What? Gross.

The bathroom project. 9 days in the making. Shawn has done an excellent job given there's a toddler and pregnant lady attempting to be project directors. But I'm ready (and maybe a trifle afraid) to see some paint color.

After watching the People's Choice Awards, my self esteem plummeted. I have been going back for thirds at dinner time and for breakfast have had 2 waffles doused in peanut butter and syrup 3 days in a row.

The laundry. Will we ever be caught up? Will I ever have matching socks again?

The contents of the refrigerator. If Wilder were in grade school, he'd have some A+ furry science experiments.

Back to my feet. THEY ARE SO COLD!

Things that aren't driving me crazy:
Everything else.
Especially the ability to multitask:

Disclaimer: I'm wanting to keep it real with you, my readers, and I fully realize these things are completely and utterly trivial compared to the tougher things in life! We can vent occasionally, eh?


Weza said...

Love this post!

mommyjoymarie said...

I have had that book started since October, I can't seem to get through all the details of the cooking either. And, I've decided that maybe I'll be caught up with laundry by the time the boys are out of the house. :)

jen christians said...

Oh the LAUNDRY!!!!!!! You should come to my house... it will help your self-esteem.

Kate said...

this weather has me CRANKY!! I told mason that I needed him to not talk to me for 10 minutes yesterday. Who does THAT?? :( I'm with ya on the tonails sister.....blech!

Megan said...

HA! This is hilarious. I so get it sister! It is definitely ok to vent, its small stuff but it does add up and it does matter. My chipped toe nail polish finally came off, but that was all that happened to the poor feet. I like mommyjoymarie's comment about the laundry. :)