Jan 12, 2010

Call in the reinforcements (cookies)!


Wilder chose to throw fits as I tried to get him into his carseat/high chair.
This is a new development and has me perplexed. How to handle? Sing a song? Do a jig? Make googly eyes? Say "no" sternly even though it doesn't work?

I ran into friends (hi, girls!) at the library with a just a skim of makeup on. Why does this ruffle my feathers so? My acne days are over, mostly, and the worst thing is that I have bags under my eyes and blonde eyelashes...I thought perhaps these deemed me unrecognizable, but, apparently that's untrue. So, maybe it's not that bad.

I noticed the downtown library has really rad vintage furniture (especially if reupholstered), and really nice homeless people.

Wilder licked the McDonald's floor (I'd left an ice cube).
Speaking of floors, I feel like my pelvic floor might collapse.

I accidentally spilled a glass of water on Wilder's head. He wasn't happy.

I feel like a really bad wife because the first thing I said to Shawn when he got home was: "I need you to cut the chicken (I can't handle raw meat very well) and I'm going to my room to have a time out. See ya."

...nothing a couple Oreos can't cure.


Weza said...

that is how my day looks most of the time, except the girlies are both licking the floor while racing to see who can get to the other side.
On a more serious note, when the girlies started doing that I would just put then down on the sidewalk(for carseat) or floor (for highchair) and say in a stern calm voice, ok well you can sit here until you are ready to do as you are told. Then I would not say anything else until they calmed down, then I would say, ok are you ready to sit in the seat?, The key is to wait, don't hurry them, be prepared to do it several times the first few times, but it will work. I guarantee it.

Shannon said...

Oreos are like crack to me. They really do fix anything (not sure crack can fix anything). Good call.

lacerbucket said...

this post made me laugh out loud! i especially loved the "i'm taking a time out. see ya!" lol hope today is a better day!

The Rouse House said...

I'm giggling as I read this! It was fun to run into you! You looked beautiful :)

I am convinced I will still have a zit on my chin when I'm 80.

Michelle said...

It was great to see you yesterday! I'm glad you joined us for lunch! I know how you feel about being seen in public with no make-up, although you are beautiful without it too! Just when I think I can run a quick errand and not be noticed, I run into someone I know. Without my eye make-up, my light eyelashes can't be seen and I look like a turtle! Often times people think I'm under the weather because of my fair complexion. I have to tell them no it's just me without any make-up on! Also, I give myself time-outs too - they help tremendously!

Grma Kathy said...

Good call Weza. That is exactly what I did with Wilder's daddy when he starting pulling those stunts! Mindy - good advise from great friends - you are truly blessed!