Jan 22, 2010

Nursery planning

Our nursery savings consists of $20 at the moment, but that doesn't mean I'm not perusing stores and online sites for inspiration. I frequent Craig'sList, for a changing table and a crib (as long as it met federal requirements and was clean, safe, etc).

The most challenging task will be fitting everything into the room. It currently serves as library, office, and guest bedroom, and is a wreck/the room we hadn't spent time decorating. The closet is full of cast-off estate sale finds, old
Dwell magazines, and Shawn's computer/college stuff.

The second most challenging task will be arranging the furniture around the three doors and two windows. Here are some pictures to give you an idea:

I also am unsure as to where to put the crib. If I put it against kitchen wall, baby will hear kitchen cleaning. If I put it against Wilder's wall, Wilder may hear the baby crying through the night. If I put the crib by the window, it will be too bright & drafty (not to mention creepy because of burglars). If I put it against the living room wall, the baby might hear an occasional blockbuster on the tube.

Lastly, we want to keep a futon (albeit bulky) in the nursery so I can crash there when Shawn's snoring is unbearable or when it just makes more sense to be close to the baby; the nights can become draining and I want to make it as easy as possible. I could see it lasting until the baby only gets up once or twice during the night. So that adds to the space issue...

Ok, one more thing...I'm not privy to themes as we're all over the board, but some of our ideas include old pull-down school maps, varied sized world globes, a bird's nest, cuckoo clock, bird mobile, and perhaps a colorful painting, chalkboard painted square, or rub-on acrylic for the wall. If we do all that while adding punches of color, I'll keep the bedding cream-colored, like Wilder's.
The outcome of the room will strongly depend on our tightly wound budget, though!

Here are some images of nurseries I favor:

That rug makes me salivate!
This nursery is perfect in every way. Love the white crib/dresser and OWL.
Great example of an easily assembled bird mobile
Nursery featured on OhDeeDoh--beautiful.

For other modern nursery ideas visit ModernNursery or DwellStudios, where you will be tempted.


Bethany said...

I say you put the crib up against the kitchen wall and make it a habit to clean in the kitchen, run the dishwasher, etc. during nap and bed times. This baby is going to have to learn to sleep through noise (you just don't have as much control over the noise level when there's an older sibling in the house). Wilder will eventually learn to sleep through the baby's noises too, but it may take him a while, so I'd avoid up against his wall. Cute ideas!

Kyle said...

You know, if you could make it to Ikea, that $20 would last you a while! Dang not having an Ikea near by.

Megan said...

Oh how challenging and exciting! I think about how we will rearrange and decorate the new nursery all the time even though I am not pregnant-Yet! I would love to do a painting for the new nursery sister! And, I agree with Bethany...this baby may have to get used to some noise. Families are noisy. :) Love and miss you

Natalie said...

Love the white furniture and the owl rug!!! SO cute! Can't wait to see what all you find :) Sometimes there are awesome deals at garage sales - even baby furniture =) so $20 might go far!

Shannon said...

That last brightly colored kid room made all the synapses in my brain start firing. I actually sent it to my (15-year-old) baby girl and she loved the colors for herself.

mommyjoymarie said...

I agree, second (and third) babies need to learn to sleep through some noise. As far as Wilder...Reed's room is right across the hall from the "big" boys. They sleep with their door open. They only woke up due to the crying once or twice.
Planning a nursery is so much fun!

Les said...

That last pic looks sooo much like you!! Is it not an option for Wilder and baby to share a room?

Mindy M. Harris said...

Les..I'm not opposed to them sharing a room when they're older. Just not ready to make the jump YET.