Jan 14, 2010

List of organizations helping quake victims

Living in Kansas, the cocooned centerpiece of America, I am far removed from the hurricane tragedy, but not removed from love for the human heart. I feel deep sorrow for the loss.

Below are some links to organizations/ministries accepting donations toward the quake victims. I'd not be surprised that you've likely already researched organization(s) you'd like to donate to, but I've provided a list (outside of the obvious American Red Cross and Salvation Army) nonetheless.

Here ya go:

Heartline Ministries

Compassion International

Samaritan's Purse

Much Ministries


World Vision

Doctors Without Borders

I've been convicted that, while it's important to stay informed, I want to spend more time praying than looking at pictures and listening to the news.

Godspeed to you all, and to our precious friends in Haiti.


TheHappyNeills said...

you might be interested in a food-packaging event this weekend for Haiti for folks in the Wichita area....look on my FB page for the link. i think it's neat that we have the opportunity too do something (other than donate, which is HUGE) all the way up here in KS! it's through Numana and it's in El Dorado. sadly, i'll be out of town, though :(

Kyle said...

THANK YOU Mindy for posting the Heatline Link along with all the others!