Jan 29, 2010

This is why I can't sleep

My brain will not slow down.

Just some examples of last night's bedtime thoughts:

Do grocery store checker outer people like it when you call them by name (that is if you can pronounce what's on the nametag)? As if there's a sense of familiarity, when there's not? I do it to be polite and acknowledge him/her as a person, but, I wonder if it's annoying.

Who decides what fashion trends are in versus not, and why is it a big deal? Adam and Eve wore leaves and fur.

Speaking of the Bible, were there fish and dolphins and whales and sharks on the ark or did Noah cross his fingers that they'd survive the violent flood?

Also related...how did someone know to drill really far deep to find oil?

Do semis get into a lot of trouble if they don't stop at a weigh station? What if no one's at the weigh station?
Do semi drivers get scared when they're asleep in their trucks?

Are the Native American descendants okay? I don't know anything about their lives right now.

Who cleans the poop off of those one semis that take the cows everywhere?

I wonder if the recycle people have been able to recycle all our stuff okay. The salsa jar wasn't quite clean.

Are the cosmetic companies ever going to run out of names for their nail polishes and eye shadows? Royal Raha Ruby, Ladies and Magenta-men...

How come the mascara commercials only show models with long, fake lashes? Can't we see what the formula would look like on regular, sparse, blonde eyelashes like mine?

Why does Victoria's Secret insist on sending at least 2 catalogs a week? Shouldn't they know I'm pregnant and the last thing I want to see is, well,

Will my children know what libraries and books are, or will technology replace? Ipad.

Should I do the nursery bright and punchy or organic and naturey? If we do organic we don't have to paint...

Is this the last day for Wilder's antibiotic or was that yesterday?

Do we have any chocolate chips in the pantry for cookies?

Should I give birth at Wesley or St. Joes?

Has Shawn called Cox about internet?

We are out of butter, yogurt, animal crackers, and strawberries.


Kate said...

Oh girl. I can relate! PG related insomnia is the WORST!!! I had it badly too, my mind just raced and raced! BTW...St. Joe....:)

Kyle said...

I had that when I was PG too. It was terrible. I was so worried I would forget to do something, there was an aspect to parenting I hadn't thought of, etc.I had to keep a note pad by my bed to write things down. I had Judah at St. Joe. I heard they're better than Wesley, but my experience at St. Joe was awful.

Angela said...

The eyelash issue keeps me awake at night too...I want to have long, luxurious lashes.

katieharris said...

mindy, you make me smile :) I share your thought about Noah and the sharks, etc. I guess some things we will never know in this lifetime.

Weza said...

You are a very deep, slightly strange thinker. LOVE IT!

Les said...

Of course you need to deliver at Wesley so I can touch your boobies again!!!
(If anyone reads this they are really going to wonder!)

Plus our postpartum unit is being remodeled and is going to be really nice, and they have great photographers now who do newborn photo shoots instead of mug shots.

Natalie said...

oh wow... this is exactly the kind of crazy stuff I think of at night too!! :) I love how you eloquently put thoughts into beautiful words.

Erin said...

Hilarious sister...I hope you can find some rest throughout the day...you deserve it...

Megan said...

Ha Ha Ha. Love you so much sister! There is no on/off switch is there!