Jan 19, 2010

A little bit of banter

Hi, everybody. It's Tuesday and Wilder and I have "let" Shawn have the car...so, we're home today (!!!). My brilliant idea of crafting a haphazard drawing table for Wilder did.not.work. I wanted him to color a picture for Grandpa Mustache's birthday, but instead he clamorously dragged the little green chair all around the house. Now I have a headache.

I am so proud of him for eating well today, though. In fact, I'm proud of him for lots of things--for putting up with me, mostly. Since mommas are blessedly different in their tactics and approaches, it's hard not to break out the ole comparison tool. It leads to frequent feelings of inadequacy. But I know I just need to traipse on, to be appreciative of every day I have with my family-for health. And if I ever think of what it would have been like to juggle wee one plus career, my head starts spinning. And mostly, I get sad because I wouldn't have wanted to miss
anything Wilder's experienced.

I am blessed indeed.

Helpful Hints from Heloise:
*if you're planning on going out for Valentine's Day, book your sitter now! Some people hate Valentine's Day, and that's their prerogative. I LOVE it! ;-) Even if I have to plan the date...
*it's Girl Scout Cookie season so be sure to order (one of the highlights of my year)

I'm elated to have some city-lovin' readers! I just can't say how badly I wanted to move into our friends' apartment. Most appealing was the simplified living...paring down belongings to mere necessities (and rad decor). And the view...and the elevator ride (but maybe not with groceries in tow).

Promised pics (these kids know how to decorate; I've decided we need more original art in our home, because art reminds me to think past what I already know/see/do):She has a KitchenAid mixer. Lucky!
I call that the blog's second official home tour!


Drew said...

Thanks for the prop's Mindy. We try hard to make what we can afford/already have work. I'm not going to lie, it isn't all just our brilliant design sense. We have gathered much inspiration/jealousy from your home. So, you are to blame for our coolness.

Thanks again for hanging with us and making our home feel less like a crummy apartment and a pretty hip flat.

Wow, I sound old.

Shannon said...

Love it.

Jenna said...

can I just say I'm so glad I can stay connected to you through your blog? You are loved.