Jan 4, 2010

ringy ding ding bringin in the new year

Convinced I'd be unsuccessful at hiring a sitter with nil plans on New Year's Eve, I opted to entice our friends with a homemade pizza at our pad proposition, hoping they'd "bite." And they did! We were honored.

The last-minute shindig proved to be the perfect way to ring in the new year, though our company was gone by ten. I especially welcomed the girly talk time.
Marley made a new friend, but appeared unamused, if not terrified.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome night!! We love us some Harris and Johnson time, no doubt!
I especially love the picture of us three with peek-a-boo Ori!
And Grey was just happy he finally found a dog that would LET him pet them :) Thanks for a wonderful night!

Anonymous said...

I also just figured out if i sign in as anonymous it will let me post a comment. Why am I so stupid? Why can I not figure it out? I guess I shall remain anonymous . . .
P.S. it's me, Liz.

Jess said...

How cute! Hehe, Anonymous Liz is so funny, love her. :) So fun that you had a party...isn't it great how fast we turn old and our parties end at 10 p.m.! Right there with ya!

Michelle said...

Yummy! Your homemade pizza looks great!