Jan 20, 2010

Growing Pains

Our day didn't go as planned. As a parent I should learn that this is the way things will be, mostly, and that it's okay.

We were slated for story time at the library then a quick lunch afterward, but our difficult evening prior nudged me to take Wilder to the doctor. He has another ear infection. He's such a good patient as we attempt to nurse him back to health. But more than anything, I wish I could remove his pain and replace it with health and peace. Such are the prayers to my Father.

In these moments of feeling completely needed by my baby (both babies, really!), my mind wanders to a time when summer meant diving for weighted toys at the bottom of the pool, when school breaks entailed sleeping in, watching TV, and baking. When summer nights meant playing at the park, catching lightning bugs, and rollerblading.

The refrigerator was magically stocked, the cupboards filled with our favorite sugary cereals. My parents managed the bills and inventoried the supply of toilet cleaner and kitty litter. I had my chores, I helped "to be nice", but nothing beat the feeling of someone else being in total control. There's security in that, accompanied with the freedom to be young and mess up.

As Shawn and I approach some decisions that are just part of being grown up, we can only pray to be offered support and mercy from the Lord, as we, rather unprofessionally, weave a safety net for our own children.

One that they can fall freely into.

Kind of like taking that first night swim of the summer.

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Weza said...

There are times when I just want to be back there, being cared for, by another. This adult life is harder than it looked. Praying for you guys, that God guides you decision, may his peace be yours.