Mar 28, 2010

Africa on his mind

W's got Africa on his mind. Well, his forehead anyway. Took his first faceplant in the driveway. He was supposed to get some of the cheesier Easter portraits done today, but that obviously fell through.
sorry about the gross hairbrush

~Much-needed mom's night out to include hot-tubbing (from the waste down for me) was so relaxing and the conversation encouraging

~Olive Garden to celebrate Papa's (Gpa) b-day; K-State game & DQ ice cream cake afterward

~El Salvadorian dinner and mini-massage with S and her family
~Broke out the heating pad for my back (


Shawn and Wilder feeling icky (again!), so we rest/do some yardwork

Here's another one of those precious iPhone pics Shawn took. That's the corner where I blog. The chair was 25 cents.

How'd you spend your weekend?


Tami said...

Poor Wilder! Ryan has this awful looking scratch all the way across his cheek from his ear to his nose. It's awful looking. We aren't sure how it happened. It happened in his crib, and there ins't anything but a seahorse in there.

Kate said...

Poor baby!! It was SOOO great to see you this weekend.....can't wait to see this baby! :) hang in there!!

Marie Rempel said...

Poor little guy! That's so funny how it really does look like Africa though!

Sarah said...

Oh no! Poor thing :(

I'll be praying for comfort in the final stretch before the baby arrives!

Heather at All A Flutter said...

his poor little noggin. ouch! love your 25 cent chair!!

Weza said...

Poor wee Wilder. My son Eli had a fall when he was little which left a permanent scar of the nike tick. We always said he should be sponsored by them. Love your blogging corner, Oh how I long for a mac.
My guess is.... a boy. Just because I am usually always wrong and I would really like for it to be a wee girl for you so you have one of each. We will just have to wait and see. NOT long now. xxx

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Poor little guy!

That looks exactly like my hair brush. ;-)