Mar 1, 2010

It sparkles and I can wash it in the washer

The stomach bug hit WildMan this weekend so we've been a little preoccupied. Shawn had to completely disassemble his carseat to clean it as that's where he first upchucked. It was really hard to see Wilder go through a "grown up" sickness...he is on the mend and we cuddled 50% of the day today. Boy, my job is hard. ;-)

Shawn's home so I'm hopping on to share some cool stuff with ya.

My new cardi from's even machine washable (on gentle). It's so me.
They finally arrived!:
Momma and Daddy, who visited Saturday, brought Wilder one of my favorite childhood toys. At first he said "icky" because it looks dirty (it's been sanitized), now, he can't keep his hands off it. The little driver guy's head goes back and forth and the bus goes clack clack clack when you pull it. Oh, sweet memories:
Momma gave me a cookie baking pan so I tried it out. The sugar cookies are a tad thick but I'm just going to tell people they are French or something (taking them to Bachelor finale party tonight). And I totally cheated on the frosting!
Here's to another week. I hope you are enjoying the little, sweet things.

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Weza said...

Loving that cardi, the toy is so cool, french biscuits - yes they will pass. Enjoy your night out.
Poor little wilder. xxx