Mar 10, 2010

Think on this.

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.

If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight.
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy.

If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty.

If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient.

If a child lives with encouragement, he learns to have confidence.

If a child lives with praise, he learns appreciation.

If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice.
If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith.
If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself.
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship,
he learns to find
love in the world.

~Dorothy Law Nolte

Just something to think about.
p.s.--W's cast is off and we plan an eventful bath time complete with new toys!


jen christians said...

Thanks so much for posting that. I have heard it so many times, but it always a good reminder of what we are to children, and how "little pitchers have big ears"---or something like that..My grandma used to say it.
Congrats on the cast off, I am sure that bathtime was lots of fun!

Shannon said...

I was JUST thinking about this recently because I remember it making me feel so guilty when my kids were little. I'm the only extrovert in a house of shy introverts and I always felt like I caused my kids to be shy. After years of raising kids, I realized they were just born that way. There's a lot of good stuff in this poem too but that particular one was hard for me to hear.

Whew, sorry about that soapbox. Just something that happened to be on my mind recently. :)

Andrea said...

i love that. i've heard it before, but it's been awhile.

ps jax has that same onesie that wilder has on in the last pic. i love target. =)

Mindy M. Harris said...

shannon--how interesting that that was on your mind! i find myself tossing and turning around the nature vs. nurture theory i learned about at K-State...and my 2-cents is that it's nature AND nurture. we do our absolute best as parents...we won't always do a perfect job; we're certainly bound to feel guilt (I am not exempt)...and while we're working with "wet cement" we're also working with God-given personalities that make our children innately who they are.