Mar 15, 2010

You ok with longspirited post?

Our weekend was the perfect blend of social, quiet, and tasks time. We had friends over for taco salad (I don't do fancy) last night, which worked out well because I was distracted from pouting about another week without Daddy around during the day--usually I do fairly well on Sunday nights, but every so often a tired thought will coax its way in.

Fortunately, I woke up on the right side of the bed today and went straight to Wilder's room to check out his bedhead. He is so reliably happy as we companion each other through the days. I'm lucky.

Sings of spring coupled with the vibrancy I behold in others holds my spirits aloft. I've been really encouraged by God and people. A little note from my friend living on the foreign soils of Germany... A discussion with L about our boys' education--public v. private--how will we ever figure that out? And how L knows that education is important, but above that, she just wants her boy to love Jesus...God's provision for some baby gear...

I've also made some time for extracurricular reading--The Shack. I've no two-cents worth to proffer--yet. I was hesitant to read it but in my goal to "expand my literary horizons" I want to expose myself to many types of authorship.

Next, Shawn and I have watched Valentine's Day and Up in the Air, and I have two-cents worth on those.

Valentine's Day: wait to rent it; we're learning that some of the more epic films deserve to be watched on the big screen...romantic comedies, not so much. But the eye candy..:-)

Up in the Air: I appreciated this movie on a million levels--the true-to-life corporate scenarios, the raw human emotion, the loneliness. But I shan't give anything away. In sum, it was a smart, amazing work of art. In viewing movies I find myself paying attention to lighting, set design, music, the angles of the camera. It's all so fascinating. And Up in the Air is magnificent on all those levels.

We worked a little on the nursery, and one wee corner is finished. We have many things left to do but most of them are of the decorative nature. I've decided the simpler, the better, and it's ok that I can't collect kitchy, vintage things overnight. The room has already become a gathering place; Wilder likes to play in the closet and Shawn and I like to sit on the rug at night and jabber. There's something about soft carpet that's so fancy for us wood-floor people.

The colors are a little girly but we'll be able to add some robots and dinosaurs (or something--an ant farm?) if it's a boy.
And here's my sweetheart during his first bath post-cast. Good grief, he's incredible.
Shawn, what were you doing on the computer last night? Self-portraits 101?


Sarah said...

I agree about both movies.

And I love the artwork in the nursery. Fantastic.
Oh, and I don't think it's girly... I think it has just the right touch that boy or girl, it will be perfect!
LOVE the rug.

And the finally picture made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that :)

Erin said...

I laughed out loud too...I imagine this photo shoot occurred during some wee hour of the night...LOVE the nursery..the colors are in my genre :)

Jenna said...

The nursery is so cozy and cute and will be the perfect warm environment for your new babe. We also saw Up in the Air and really enjoyed it. It was different, but really good. I'm with you, I love to notice the lighting, the angles, etc.

Jenna said...

Oh, and ADORABLE bath pics of Wilder.
Isn't getting a "baby" up one of the cutest, most special times of the day?

Julie said...

I love those pictures of Wilder. His eyes are beautiful! And the nursery looks amazing.

This post made me miss you tons! Can't wait until we are no longer housebound.

Shari Hibbard said...

Shawn Michael Harris,

This is Aunt Sharon. Horrific! This picture looks like the main character (a fish) on "A Shark's Tale"! haha! Your mother-in-law called me and insisted that I view this photo with caution and then comment! Funny stufffffff......too much time on your hands until around May 28th!! hahahahahaha!

Shari Hibbard said...


Abi scolded me tonight for my comment that I left about your photo. She thinks it was mean. It was kind of brutal. I'm sorry. I really was kidding! Your mum-in-law thought it was 16-year-old was not amused. Hmmmmm!

Love you,

Aunt Sharon