Mar 6, 2010

Forever Young

Despite neither of us feeling well, we had a wonderful time at prom last night!

Hope to have our professional prom portrait posted soon.

Enjoy your Saturday! We slept til 11:15 this morning (super tired from catching a late movie).
Gotta milk the child-free to detail the house and shop.


Erin said...

OOOOOO...SO CUTE!!!! cant wait to see more guys dont even look like you had the runs...:)hehehe

Sarah said...


Mindy M. Harris said...

Sissy, you are in trouble for putting my "digestive" issues on the internet for all to see. for the record, shawn has a cold.

Stacey said...

Sorry you didn't feel well, but you look so great!! I love the dress!

Erin said...

hehee..what are little sisters for??? ;)

Julie said...

Funny sister comments. Gotta love them! ha!

You two looks so adorable. I love it. Sad that Liz and I couldn't be there this year with you, but glad you had fun!