Mar 4, 2010

There's a pug next door!

Today's post lacks parallels or uniformity. Just a jumble of interesting things I've found online and a few thoughts. You'll still read, right?

Our new neighbors have a pug named Frank (that makes two on the block--Freddie's the other one and he's pooped on our lawn but I don't care). Oh my gosh. I got to hold Frank and I really wanted to kiss his face (I am a dog face kisser and this has gotten me in trouble before--hi, Cholo), but I refrained because I've only just met the neighbors. No reason to scare them off so soon.

Did anyone follow the photog contest on Pioneer Woman's blog? Oh my, what stellar pics of pugs & other precious
here to snoop.
Photo from here. I love the cracked, dry nose.

Next, I'm in love with Mibo Studio's (in the UK) paper projects...they cost a little to download and print at home, but are so. darn. cute. Look at the Easter chickies:
There's owls, too (affectionately titled, Wise Guys).
Looking for a fuss-free, no brain power required, novel? I'm finishing 'Tis the Season! by Lorna Landvik. Probably the world's lousiest book title, but it's a cute read and is organized differently--a serious of letters and emails amongst the characters. Really a quick, refreshing way to sift through a book. I was drawn to Landvik because I've read her bestseller, Patty Jane's House of Curl.

Other do-dads:

I've not been wanting sugar for the first time in my life, I think. In fact, food hasn't been appealing this week at all. Must be a weird pregnancy thing.

Shawn and I are attending "prom"'s his corporate winter party. I've been in a self-tanner battle all week, so I can wear a knee-length dress.

"Winter" and "self-tanner" in the same sentence--anyone else think there's something's wrong with that?

Cheers til next time.


Andrea said...

Have fun at "prom". My thought is to forget the tanner. I think the dress looked great on you just the way you are. :)

Mindy M. Harris said...

hndrea, you are too kind. i washed my hair in the sink today so the tanner wouldn't wash off in the shower.
i'm really thinking no one at prom is gonna notice the "subtle glow."
baby usually takes center stage anyway. :-)

Ashli said...

I'm sending you an e-hug because I'm feeling the need to sit on one of your fab couches (or rug for that matter) and chatter with you for a bit. This will have to do for now..

First - Love the doggie photos. I am desperately missing my pup and it made me want to book a flight right.this.second.

Second- Loved the folded origami(?) things. Esp, the owls. I have a mild obsession with the owls and have managed a small collection. My fave are little salt & pepper shakers...I'll send a photo one day soon...

Three- I am adding the book to the library list, as easy reads are about all I can stand with the interruptions of my commute!

Four- You not want sugar! Wow!! Maybe this one should be number 1? I ate a blob of choc chip cookie dough that the family I babysit for had in the freezer last night and thought of you. Fond memories of chaos in the kitchen came flooding back. :)

Five- Finally, you are gorgeous...AND I bet your legs look absolutely fab! Look forward to photos of PROM.

ps Remember prom alternative? Weren't we the coolest?