Mar 3, 2010

Home came calling

Home is always calling.

And it's right here in these two people. The smells of home. The memories...the same orange and green Tupperware...the Cocoa Pebbles in the pantry.

Home came calling last weekend.
And I couldn't have been more grateful.
Specially 'cuz Momma took me shopping! ;-)
It's true, what they say, all those parenting books and bibles...all kids really want is some time with their parents...time to jabber, lean on a shoulder...I am all grown up and this still holds true.

Wilder, I am here. And you are always welcome home.


Weza said...

Are you really only 20? You seem so together, and well, together. Glad to hear your Mum and Dad came to visit. xxx

Mindy M. Harris said...

no i am older than 20! it was supposed to look like 20 with a blank by 2_ .

Mindy M. Harris said...

I fixed it to say "all grown up" instead. ;-)