Mar 12, 2010

Tidbits from our week

I don't have pictures from Monday, but it entailed a playdate with three other girlies, and friendship bread! My friend B has a silver cat named George and W terrorized him for a while. Except George is kindof ornery so I had to keep a close eye.

On my glorious, wonderful, amazing, much-appreciated day off Tuesday, whereby I got a "ohhhh wow" full body massage, and went to the OB, I managed to squeeze in a visit to my favorite booths at Legacy Antiques (cell phone snaps below). Why do I give myself chances to lust after things I don't need?

The lady who runs the booths is so brilliant I just might stop liking her.

Wilder's cast was kinda gross (dirty) when removed on Wednesday. He was so brave.

The saw thing they used to remove it isn't really a saw. It's just a round vibrating device. The doctor was sure to calm our worries there.

The cast was much dirtier than this picture shows. Shawn must have used some kind of editing treatment (iPhone picture); consider it a favor. W's skin is alligator-like...Shawn told me about the skin shedding process and how if one weighed his/her mattress at time of purchase then again 10 years later it will weigh more because dead skin sinks into it.

I about barfed.

Fire station tour with MeetUp on Thursday--the second one we've been to and way more fun than the first, because we got to go for a ride around the block in a firetruck. Wilder was a little unsure but was overall pretty beguiled.Riding shotgun!
Wilder is second from the left, walking out of the picture.

And today? MAPS--t
he keynote talked about the guilt we feel as favorite part of breakfast: cinnamon rolls and berry tarts!

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Weza said...

Oh my goodness I am off to vacuum the mattress.
Loved the orange footstool.
A trip to the firestation... mmm how I would enjoy that.
Sounds like a good week.