Apr 8, 2010

Cookies and walks and playdates and hair in need of highlights.

iPhone photos from Shawn:
Can anyone say root touch-up? Great mercyLord.

Pretty soon I'll be wearin' a baby for our walks. Any tips for a good baby wrap (isn't there a whole baby-wearing phenomenon going on right now? Shall I join the throngs? It looks really complicated & like it hurts the back & the kid can't breathe). I'd like to have something a little less harnessy than the Bjorn, although I still want to use it because it was such an awesome device with Wilder. I'd put him in it then make cookies. I was always so worried about flat-head that it was nice to be "holding" him even though I wasn't.

Blessed to get another playdate today, with J and her son. Wilder's loving all the time with babies; he kissed this boy--a bona fide, gentle, closed-mouth kiss.
But really, who could resist? Yum.
And my food of choice for "breakfast" was cookies and dum-dums.
Gotta start the day with zeal.


estellaruggles said...

I loved my Moby wrap, so simple, and you could wrap it a gazillion different ways.

Kyle said...

i've heard great things about Moby wraps. I went a traditional ring sling off of Etsy. The seller's name is Raspberrybaby (she was the cheapest at $30) Judah loved that thing. From newborn- 6 months it was the only way I could get him to sleep. Then when they're bigger, you can use it to sit them on your him or back. You're welcome to try ours out and see if you like it.

Kyle said...

and I need to spell check before I submit my comments. **Apologies**

Kate said...

Hey Mindy! I got a lovey dud wrap (similar to the moby) from this etsy seller! Kinda complicated to get the hang of, but once you do, super easy:

I carried Logan in it all the time and really loved it! So much more comfy than that darn bjorn.

Andrea said...

Well I have no experience with baby wearing, but I have heard these are good: http://www.thepeanutshell.com/ Although I can not guarantee it since I have never tried them!

Andrea said...

I have a Maya Wrap, which is a ring sling, and I did like it, but it was harder for me to wear correctly as he got older. I'm thinking about making a Moby for this little one...but I do still have my Maya and it was really a life saver when Jax went through his clingy time...not that that is over, but that's another story. ;)

mommyjoymarie said...

I loved my ring sling with Reed especially! And, all my boys have spent some time in one as they get older on my hip. Just last night Reed was following me around, pitifully saying, "mommy." I needed to get dinner started, so I put him on my back with a mei tei. I borrowed it from my SIL and loved it for when he got heavier so his weight wasn't all on one side of me. It is much easier on your back that just carrying baby in your arms. Check this out for more tips...
Hope you can come next Thursday!!!

Ashli said...

They had some really lovely wraps at Bloomies a couple of weeks ago when I was there...no idea if they are easy to use or worth it, but I liked them.

Jenna said...

Thanks for the fun morning. I enjoyed getting to chat and see you guys. I need to remember to tug Will's pants down just a little. poor guy had them riding up!
Here is a great article on baby wearing:

Thanks for posting the photos! The cookies were delicious!