Apr 16, 2010

That darn crab nearly got me.

Good afternoon, friends.

No one likes to hear each others' dreams just like it's a little boring to hear about other people's health woes, so I will keep this short.
Last night's dream involved a large pet crab that made little round poos and hissed so I had to put it in a WalMart bag and let it skitter around. It still lunged forward and tried to get me...

And other things, some captured on iPhone because Shawn left camera at work:

I love sleeping with the windows open, but the sirens, mating cats, and drag races irk me a little.

Shawn got the shelves hung in the nursery but when I put the stuff on, they fell (cheap hardware). My boobs and belly caught the vase/pic frames, hence nothing was broken.

Wilder and I may be home-bound the last couple of weeks of this pregnancy. It's getting hard to bend down and over to get the trash or a toy or a boy.

I have two chin hairs that have needed plucked all week. I
presume they'll remain there for awhile. Until someone says something.

We are going out of town this weekend and I'm getting my hair done. No, I haven't packed yet.

I own a drapery-ish, or wallpaper, dress. I wore it last summer to Sissy's college grad and my family politely hated it. I thought maybe I could get away with the bohemian hippy look since I'm pregnant, so I wore it today. It's so much more comfortable than jeans or even pj pants which kindof cut of my circulation right now...I'm 34 weeks!
Shawn turns 28 today. He is such a cool person. I just want to be around him all the time (unless he is stinky from mowing or has cereal breath). Happy Birthday, Hotness.

Found cute things at an estate sale. Were money not an issue we'd have a new exerciser trampoline, a large world globe, some vintage stationary, and an ottoman...

Found a going home outfit for a girl, if we have one. Couldn't resist the owls:
Just stumbled across the adorable Zutano baby brand. Such cute prints, though expensive. We bought this blankie, too, since it goes with the nursery colors.

How was your week?


Jess said...

Ha! I love pregnancy dreams! Always so out there and creepy.

You did look totally hippy-hot in that dress today!! Amazing belly you're sportin'.

Oh, and I've LOVED Zutano forever! Only have 3 or 4 total pieces between all three kids...kinda pricey, but I search eBay for it when I think of it! Great colors and styles!

Julie said...

I LOVE the little going home outfit. It's perfectly you. :)

You look beautiful (and I like the dress)! Miss you!

Weza said...

I so love random posts like this. Such insite into your world. Happy Birthday Shawn!

Angela said...

I hate cereal breath too!

Kyle said...

I laughed outloud reading this. Your randomness is so funny.