Apr 5, 2010

Silver Dollar City-always as fun as the first time

How refreshed are we after a weekend getaway!! We become accustomed to the day-ins and day-outs of child-rearing that it's easy to let the core partnership fall by the wayside. We are really fortunate to live close to Shawn's parents, and they were happy to take W for Easter so we could go be boyfriend and girlfriend.

We chose to visit my sister and her hubby in MO--they've just bought a new home and it was all fancy and clean just for us. Now I want to tile my kitchen...

Bonus is that they live so close to Branson, MO, which was a favorite vacation spot of my parents as us girls were growing up. So many fond memories. Silver Dollar City, an 1880's themed-park located in Branson, is owned by Herschend Family Entertainment, which was recently featured on Undercover Boss. I'm impressed CBS preserved and presented the company's Christian values so marvelously. I was even able to meet and chat with one of the gentlemen interviewed in the show (he was given a college scholarship and will pursue a business management degree in the fall; such an inspiring story).

I just walked right up to him and shook his hand. I also walked up to people's babies and waved at them and raved about their cuteness. Not always the best reception there. But the pigtails! I just can't help it.
Geyser Gulch-if ya wanna get wet
Saltwater taffy, if ya wanna get fed
roller coasters, if ya wanna barf

Perhaps my favorite thing, besides Sissy's cinnamon rolls, was getting to lounge in the mornings--not have to rush to meet my sweet boy's needs...Shawn even brought me Fruit Loops in bed!
I'll see about weeding through some more photos and posting more tomorrow. Can't wait to take Wilder to Silver Dollar when he's a little older--and I'm ready to go back and be not pregnant so I can tackle some (tame) rides.


Erin said...

Nicely done :) Yes, I have been checking for an update hourly...hehe...but seriously...

I am already ready to go back to SDC. A Dunning girl never tires of an adventure of SDC. What a family treasure of memories hidden at that park.!

Miss you already.

Wade and Megan said...

I love SDC!! I was in Branson a week ago but didn't get to go there...maybe another time. I also loved the Undercover Boss show...a tear-jerker! Glad you had a nice weekend getaway!

Stacey said...

So glad you had a great, restful weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

We should take our boys there together someday for a fun family vacation!!
Glad you had a great time!!
LiZ Lowrey