Apr 23, 2010

I did not sneak and take a lick of the Bisquick batter.

Found a scrumptious-looking, pretty cookie recipe I'm making to share with you. However, the dough is still stuck in phase one: the 2-hr chill time turned into 16 hrs, and probably longer because I'm so taking a nap after this.

Will you settle for an easy pot pie recipe? It's nothing over the top amazing, but it will feed your families. Plus it's a total cheater's recipe (Bisquick, cream chicken soup, frozen veggies). Find the recipe here.

The boys worked on the nursery windows last night. I was excited to have them install the black-out shades but we ended up with the wrong size. Well, ok. Let's keep the reaction calm and neutral, for the baby.
And reason number 5,084 why I love being a mom:
Dime, marshmallow matey, strawberry yogurt

Seriously, I had a complete blast bending my 35-weeks pregnant body onto the super dirty green linoleum I pretty much can't stand, and using the brand-new clean kitchen towel to wipe up the mess. More fun than my bachelorette party. More hilarious than the latest SNL episode.

How's this for an aloof audience?
I'll take a standing "ove" today. Anyone?


Julie said...

That last picture of Wilder made me laugh! They are messy little boys. Sorry you had to clean that up in current state. hehe. Looks like you are getting lots done! So exciting!

Kyle said...

I cleaned vienna sausage juice off the kitchen floor at 3:30am after I knocked it out of the frige while trying to get milk. I spilled my iced coffee onto my new rug. That same rug Judah peed on about 5 minutes later. He then took chocolate syrup and smeared it all over the floor and proceeded to try to lick it.

All to say...I feel you.

Heather at All A Flutter said...

you crack me up! today i cleaned applesauce mixed with vanilla yogurt off the window after my daughter thought it would look prettier there then in her bowl. i disagreed.