Apr 1, 2010

Dinosaur poop & other things

Imagine this: 8-months pregnant girl awkwardly flumping down the slide with her toddler. More than once. That wore me out. I wonder what the baby was thinking?

I did the splits in the kitchen because there was a melted ice cube on the floor. No signs of preterm labor, thankfully. But, ow.

Wilder woke up with his leg caught in the crib spindles so I used some lube (yeah, that stuff) to get it out. Fire department call averted. Thankful for friends who let friends call all panicked when their husbands are in meetings and can't help.

Spilled all of Wilder's Easter eggs on the curb while loading back into the car after today's hunt. You'd think it would be worth it for the chocolate in the eggs, but there was just squishy taffy--smart girls knew it wouldn't melt in the sun.

Wilder found greater intrigue with a crumpled, germy! Mountain Dew can than the eggs anyway. By the way, you can see that his Africa is healing up nicely:

All the mommas and their "under two's":
Thanks for all the pics, L!

Recent outing to Museum of World Treasures was a bit of a dud--not the trip itself because we always have a blast with our friends (Old Chicago pizza afterward!), but the museum was a little, um, low budget. The lady held up what looked like a rock and said it was petrified dinosaur poo. I didn't believe her.
I will give the museum props for trying hard to make the program fun for children by offering finger painting (Wilder's first time) and a moonwalk.We sure are lucky to be doing all this cool, fun stuff. Enjoying the time before new baby throws things for a big loop!


Julie said...

Looks like you and W are having so much fun!! I'm glad you are enjoying him and getting to do so much before the baby. You look so cute in the pictures! Glad you survived your scares and can't wait to see you Monday (maybe?).

Stacey said...

No more falls in the kitchen Miss Mindy!! You looked super cute today!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a fun day! You have such a great group to spend time with.

BTW, my hubby managed Old Chicago for 7 years. :) Love their food.