Apr 29, 2010


Spent some time at the local gardens this morning. I needed the fresh air, exercise, and social time. Although I was tired from having people in my home this week, I knew I wouldn't want to miss Botanica.

We were quite the sight with our strollers (some double), toddlers on leashes (not Wilder), and fancy cameras!

Wilder was infatuated with the streams, fish (which gross me out), and sprinkler systems, moreso than the flowers. A true boy.
Quite tempting to plunge my 9-months pregnant self into the fountain and bob around for a while.
But I didn't. No suit. And they would have kicked me out. Sympathy doesn't stretch that far.

Note to Wichitans: Botanica is $3 on Thursdays, for adults! I paid in quarters. We had some left from vacuuming the car.


Heather said...

Really? I never knew that. Thanks for the tip! We haven't been since last May!

Julie said...

What a great morning! Looks like lots of fun and SO BEAUTIFUL. Didn't know it was only $3.00 on Thursdays. Can't wait to see you next week!

Ashli said...

Fun outing! Can't believe you're 9 months, new baby's coming so soon!!!

Kate said...

fun!! sorry to miss out!

Michelle said...

We enjoyed Botanica last week! It is beautiful right now!