Apr 19, 2010

Family rolls on...

In a sometimes malicious, and very much topsey turvey, world, my family has served as my anchor, a safe haven. Though I've had times of wanting to swim on my own, of wanting to coax the anchor out of the sand, I've wised up and arrived to appreciate the rich treasure of family.
Your family tree is likely much different than mine, and to that I say, "how beautiful." Some have lost their loved ones and now rely on friends who beat blood and life as much as their real family members did. Some have never known their fathers or mothers and to that I say, "you have a Father." Some may have cut ties due to conflict, and to that I say, "I'm so sorry."

Regardless the size, shape, color, scent, and makeup of your family tree, from fledgling sapling to towering sycamore, I urge you to connect yourself to each limb and member. A simple "thanks" or "I love you" might make Aunt Bertie's, or your sister's, day.

While trees are not perfect, they'll always provide shade. Safety. And for a little while, in those moments when we want to feel small and thoughtful and smart and selfless, we can stand under our tree, behold a tangled, sprawling history above, and appreciate our beginnings.

Twas never our job to do the pruning.

Daddy, I wish you were in these pictures. Peters, we miss you.


Shannon said...

Awww, I'm in the camp that has had to cut ties but I've created my own family which is complete and good enough for me. Love them.

BK said...

Beautifully written. Family is certainly the priceless treasure that we need to appreciate.

Reminds me of a quotation by Michael Chrichton, "If you don't know (your family's) history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know that it is part of a tree."