Apr 30, 2010

Gardens, II

My friend J sent this picture from yesterday, so, you get to see more Botanica pics!
We missed the tulips but there was still plenty of color!
Here's L and her darlin' A:
J and Will (isn't he scrumptious?):
On another note, I went through the girlie toy aisle at Target today. Though I'm a grown-up, I still like to look at the dollies and no-bake ovens and such. Look who I found!
She's changed alot. Do you like her better now, or pre-makeover?

Lastly, I just might have to have this
necklace...it's on sale at JC Penney.

P.S. ~If you think of us, please pray for Shawn's Grandma Dorothy, who's been battling lymphoma. It is now in her liver.


Heather at All A Flutter said...

take care and know that someone in az will be praying for you guys.

oh, and buy that necklace fo-sho. so cute!

Weza said...

Nice pics. Your turkey timer has popped out. Does that mean baby is coming soon???

Erin said...

Wilder's outfit is too cute. Def. one of my favorites.

Michelle said...

I hope you buy that necklace!! I love it!