Apr 12, 2010

We're gonna need some work days!

Our weekend was a flurry of busyness (girls night, dinner guests, park, cheesecake, yard work, Wilder portraits, church, a baby shower...) I didn't capture on the Nikon...but Shawn managed some iPhone pics.

I love that his blue sun hat finally fits him. Thanks, Becca! I'm obsessed with keeping this kid's skin protected.
The thing we most needed to accomplish was laundry...and, well, that didn't happen. But we did clean out the fridge! It was a nightmare, but at least no fuzzy stuff. Rotten lettuce in the picture, so look out...this is not for the fainthearted.

Momma, I promise I only bought margarine once, and we didn't even use it all. I always use real butter!
Gross, gross, gross.

We have 6 weekends left to cram in everything we need to do before the baby arrives, 7 if you count the weekend he/she is due. Some of the items on our to-do list include:

~oil change
~finish nursery: purchase mattress/sheets/hamper/storage bins/black-out shades; hang shelves
~print out pics of Wilder from 3-19 months (!)
~or maybe just make one of those Apple photo albums
~finish writing in Wilder's memory book
~organize Wilder's baby clothes by size
~make unfinished basement as clean/guestready as possible
~stock up on breast pads, tucks pads, those "other" pads, cabbage leaves, diapers, wipes
~install new kitchen ceiling fan for blistery summer days
~purge all closets
~haul off twigs/branches/leaves from backyard
~clean windows
~install carseat
~register at hospital
~think of a baby name
~make arrangements for family help with Wilder

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Whew! Shawn, are you reading this?

Want to share your to-do list? Am I totally overdoing it here?


Kate said...

deep breath!! It will ALL fall into place. All baby needs is a place to sleep, something to eat, and lots of love. You've got all that right?? But I know the feeling....I have an endlessly, miles-long, no-fun, to-do list and here I sit at my computer putzing around. :)

Weza said...

Im thinking you are in the 'nesting' phase. Phew what a list!
New Zealand holiday is in full swing. I came over for another wedding. Bridesmaid duty. xxx

Andrea said...

Good call on the cabbage leaves :)

Shonda said...

Hey Mindy, I don't think you're overdoing it because I'm in that phase right now too and my list looks somewhat like that. However, if something isn't finished when the time comes, it ends up being okay. It'll get done eventually...except I really want it done NOW!!

Jenna said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Love W's hat! These next few weeks are going to be SO fun for your little family. So much for you to enjoy and look forward to!