Apr 26, 2010

Oh my closet!

Gotta put it out there that I'm so proud of my husband for taking the reigns on many projects this weekend. Wilder stayed Friday night with grandparents so we could make concentrated effort on our ever-growing to-do list.

And when my doctor told me that sometimes second babies come a little early, we really upped the tempo on getting things done...15 things done, 22 to go.

And it feels guuud!

Gonna take you on a little history lesson of my closet experiences as a married person. First closet: shared with Shawn; had to use laundromat...pretty awful. Second closet: much bigger but never organized. Third closet: house was built in practically 10 B.C. so it was teeny tiney; never organized. Current closet: house built in 1950, when people didn't need as much, so, it's little. And never organized.

I was too embarrassed to take a before picture. If Wilder ever played in there he would come out with a tampon or dime or tangled mess of bras and belts and dust-bunnies...

But with the help of my super awesome friend, L, it is now beautifully organized. I think J Lo or Mariah Carey would be jealous:
Two trashbags off to Goodwill. Every shoe in its place. Seven cheapie purses on the top shelf.
It's freeing to have my belongings pared down to only what I use. Brave enough to show me your closet?

Secondly, we're progressing on the nursery. Have one blank wall (heaven forbid!) to find art for so I won't do a final nursery post until then. But, here's the crib corner:
Gender-neutral can be done!
Hope your Monday is dust-bunny free.


Weza said...

No I am not brave enough to show you my closet. Love the cute shoes.
The nursery is looking so lovely! Cozy and funky, just waiting for ...

Eric's Mommy said...

Love the nursery, so cute!

Our house was built in 1950 also. We have the tiny closet problem too, it sucks. Yours looks great! I just bought one of those shoe organizers that hangs on the inside of the closet door, much better then the pile of shoes on the floor like we used to have.

Mindy M. Harris said...

Natalie-I'm glad it met your approval! Hooray! Crib is from CSN.com & shipping was free. Blanket: Zutano.
Curtains/Rug/Shelves: Target. Bumper pad and sheets: Carter's.
Orange lamp: vintage.