Apr 7, 2010

Cool and uncool: a list

Things that aren't cool:

I'm lame at taking self-portraits on the Nikon.

See what I mean?
Pregnancy update: I have gained more weight with this baby. It is excruciating to step on the scale at the doctor's office. I'm 33 weeks this Friday, so, moving right along. Doctor said I have more amniotic fluid this time which may be why I feel like the baby moves so much more than Wilder did...this time he/she just has lots more room. And it's also why I'm bigger around and weigh more (ok maybe sugar has played a part, too). The most annoying discomforts are back pain, tiredness, and finding a comfy sleep position. Practice contractions and pressure also prevalent.

The nursery is at a stand-still as Shawn's been working on other things, but we hope to get the crib together, shelves hung, and a few more things taken care of in the next couple of weeks. So bear with me on a picture post!

Back to the uncool things:

The refrigerator stinks.
Like, really stinks.

I'm unsure as to which piles of laundry in our room are clean or dirty. Sniff test not the most optimal during pregnancy.

Wilder can't wear pants/shirts pjs because he'll take off his pants/diaper and pee in the bed (prior post). Mission to comb the town for lightweight footed pjs: accomplished.

Things that are cool:

It's green and blue outside and the creatures have come out to play.

I got to hold Calla this week.
That was a long time coming.

Passed the glucose test.

Wilder actually
asked to help unload the dishwasher. I told him they were dirty but he could help once they were clean (this is a new, fun practice of ours).

Bath time/curly hair.

And if he isn't an exact copy of Shawn, I don't know who is!


Kyle said...

Did you gain weight quicker this pregnancy? I have had some concerns about that this time around. You still look wonderful!

Mindy M. Harris said...

Kyle--you are so thin and healthy to begin with that I wouldn't worry about it. I weighed more at the beginning of this pregnancy than I did with Wilder. Didn't gain anything 1st trimester but now it's skyrocketed--perhaps this has to do with my eating lots of sugar, and with there being ample amounts of amniotic fluid. I am up 21 pounds and with 7 weeks left (and the projected 1 pound weight gain per week) it looks like I will go over the preferred 25 pound cap. It's crummy that this is how it has to be, but I feel really lucky to have just that one thing to complain about. This has been a very smooth, easy pregnancy, but not as easy as Wilder! I was taking better care of myself then; I was in the workforce with access to ice cold water, healthy snacks that I used great self-control over, etc.
If I do this again, I will hopefully have dropped the weight and have better control of my eating/be exercising regularly!

Good luck, my friend.

Mindy M. Harris said...

p.s. I still have access to cold water, but not as much ice--we have a crummy ice maker..:-)

Shannon said...

I gained 45 pounds both times so your 21 sounds realllly small to me. Also, that might be why you look so cute pregnant. :)

Kyle said...

I hear you about the self control bit. It's so much harder when you're home all day. I gained 55 with Judah, but I know you feel every single pound and it IS painful. Hopefully with nice weather approaching, you can spend some time in a pool your last few weeks and get the pressure off your back!

Jenna said...

I LOVE your bath photos!